Maynard (_younglust) wrote in blackhair,

So i professionally got my hair dyed and cut yesterday. I've had highlights for a while, and i got sick of them, so i asked her to dye my hair back to my natural color. I love the cut, but the color looks BLACK. i know my hair isn't naturally black,



It looks much much darker in person.

So, my question is, are there any ways i can get this shit to fade? I know washing your hair with clarifying shampoo is suppost to help, anything else? I don't think i want to do anything like strip my hair know, something i could fuck my hair over with more so than i already have.

Any advice is appreciated. Thanx
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hmmm, if you want it to fade then being out it the sunlight always helps, maybe some lemon juice (preferably mixed with some water so as not to really mess up the color, it should just lighten it to a darkish brown).
There is this spray by Clairol called Touch of Sun that should fade black a bit and works pretty well if there is absolutely no red in your hair (it usually makes hair that has natural red tones, like my own, turn a disasterous orange). The clarifying shampoo will definitely work, maybe even a citrus based shampoo like Citre Shine would help.
That's really everything I know that could work.
Hopefully that could be of some help to you. :-D Good luck fading.
thank you so much <3
good advice above. even regular shampoo will fade it as black never stays in and is one color you always have to dye constantly. using a clarifying shampoo should be fine, or anything by fructis or citrishine (both have fruit extract that fades colored hair). once it fades you should be able to dye it the color you want with no problem.
wow. you look really pretty. i think both haircolours look good, and i think you needed to replace those highlights with some pink with the black.