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Hey guys.
I currently have dyed brown hair (it's Garnier 100% Color Mahogany Opaque). The last time I dyed it was in early May. It hasn't faded much, and it looks like this (picture was taken today):

(sorry, the quality sucks.)

Anyways, I bought some hair dye today. It's Garnier 100% Color 'Deep Brown' but the back says it'll turn my hair pretty much black. What color do you guys think my hair will turn out after it's dyed? And also, do you think it will even work?

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the last time I dyed my hair dark brown it cameout just that--dark brown. on the box it looks black, but once it's dyed you'll be able to see that it's brown. if you want to dye it black I would suggest soft black rather than blue-black to avoid it coming out too dark. those were my baby steps ;)
Thanks for that info. My hair is already pretty dark, though. I really wanted to buy an actual black but my mother had a spaz at the store, so I had to take the closest brown to black.

once you have it brown for awhile, it's not that shocking when you finally go black :P