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Permanent -> Semi-permanent?

When I first started dying my hair (when I was 9) I dyed my hair black and kept it that way for four years straight. For the past 3 years I've gone through every color of the rainbow. Now though, I want to go back to black to give my hair a break from bleaching and so I can get cheap extensions (Black fake hair seems to be more in-demand than blue ;p).

The problem is, I only look good with "bright/clean" blacks. Brownish or natural blacks makes my face look too rosey. So here comes my problem. I found the exact black I need, but it only comes in permanent. I'd rather not nail myself into a coffin before knowing how the color will look on me instead of on the model on the box.
Do you know of any ways to make permanent dye semi-permanent? Maybe it needs to be mixed with something?
Thanks for any help!
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